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Bristol Family Charity Race Weekend

Gates Open: Sat 5 p.m. / Sunday noon

Start Time: Sat 7 p.m. / Sunday 2:30 p.m.

Event Information:

Saturday & Sunday Jan 11th & 12th 

Bristol Family Charity Race Weekend 

Two days of racing to benefit C.A.R.S. Racin’ for a Dream Inc.

Helping children & their families who are facing serious illnesses

Saturday Night – Qualifying Pro-Trucks, Modified Mini 40, Pure Stock 40

DAARA Antiques, Legends 20 Laps, Scrambler / 4 Cyl Open 30

Sunday – Pro-Trucks 114 Laps, Legends 25, Bombers 40 !

On track Autograph session 1 p.m.



Ticket Prices:

Adult: $15

Seniors 55+: $13


6-12: Kids 5-12 $5

V-8 Bomber Rules


Any 100” or larger stock coupe, sedan, or station wagon allowed. Unibody OK, No high performance or special-order vehicles.

Minimum weight for Automatic transmission is 3100 and Standard transmission is 3300 with 54% maximum left side weight.

A. 6” ride height minimum with no tolerance.
B. Front springs must be same height side to side. (No spring rubbers, adjusters, or shims) NO bump stops.
C. Rear springs ½” tolerance difference on height any rate, no lowering blocks or adjustable shackles.
D. No adjustable or Schrader valve shocks allowed.
E. All trailing arms on rear end to be in stock location with stock type rubber or poly bushings.
F. All front and rear suspension components must remain stock and must match frame used. All front-end bushings may be rubber or poly stock replacement with no offsets. Upper control arm may use a problem solver offset shaft.

A. Roll Cage: Main cage and driver’s door bars must be 1 ¾” x .095 wall minimum round steel tubing with 4 post roll cage and minimum 4 door bars and 3 passenger side door bars.
B. All doors are to be welded, chained of bolted shut.
C. All glass is to be removed except front windshield. May use Lexan only. No Plexiglas of any kind.
D. Complete uni-body bumper to bumper must be retained with no frame connectors.
E. Firewalls made of steel must seal the engine area and also the trunk area from the driver’s compartment. Inner fenders may be removed. (Can unbolt but not cut out).
F. The gas tank is to be located in the trunk area and with a track approved tank or fuel cell. All tanks must be securely mounted and in a metal container. Fuel cell may drop through trunk floor of half the depth of the cell.
G. All trim and lights are to be removed. All interior removed (back seat, carpet, head liner, etc.…) If it burns remove it!!
H. The battery may be relocated anywhere the battery is to be bolted or strapped down.
I. Mirrors will be allowed.
J. Hoods, doors & trunk lid only may be gutted. Core support may be changed.
K. Stock body can be recovered with steel or aluminum but must retain stock appearance.
L. May use fiberglass hood and sheet metal deck lid.

A. Track approved pipe bumpers are allowed.

A. Only Street DOT radial 75 or 70 series tires allowed, No special or recapped tires.
B. Maximum wheel width is 8”, any offsets.
C. Stock racing wheels. All 4 MUST RUN LARGE LUG NUTS.
D. White spoke wheels recommended, no mag or aluminum wheels allowed.
E. Auburndale Speedway sells approved DOT street radials.
F. No air bleeders allowed – pop off valves.

A. Exhaust system must have stock manifolds, pipes must exit past drivers’ compartment, No more than 2 1/2” O.D. No center dumps, No X pipes, must be two single pipes.
B. Carburetor must be stock 2 barrel or 4 barrel that comes as originally equipped. 2-barrel 4412 – 500 C.F.M., Must pass with track tech tools.
C. Block 350 – 2- bolt or 4 – bolt main bolts. Builder option, NO studs, .060 max overbore plus .010, Zero deck builders’ option. NO grinding or painting in block, screens OK, NO over bore of lifter holes or repairs.
D. Heads – Stock open chamber head stock valves, NO after-market. 1.94 intake and 1.50 exhaust. 3 angle valve job allowed – NO bowl cutting – flat cut only – 72 c.c. chambers, 80 lbs. seat pressure. Diameter= 1.250 max diameter. Screw in studs and poly locks allowed but no guide plates. Stock Type 1.5 rockers only.
E. 4 eyebrow pistons allowed, stock pin height with stock configuration on ring glands and rings builder’s option.
F. Rods 5.7 Stock O.E.M and fasteners & balancing builder’s option.
G. Crank – G.M. cast crank 48 lbs. – NO knife edge, balancing OK.
May use Eagle 13402E or 13402L rotating assemblies complete as a kit only option.
H. No grinding, polishing except for balancing purposes only on any engine component.
I. Camshaft 390 intake, 410 exhaust. 1.5 G.M steel rockers O.E.M. Lift will be checked at rocker or lobe – NO stud girdles Stock O.E.M. G.M. lifters. I. Intake – Stock G.M. Quad-jet Cast iron intake – NO bowtie or corvette intakes
J. Stock only G.M. H.E.I dist. only.
K. Push rods stock diameter.
L. Water pump steel or aluminum, Stock harmonic balancer, OEM for engine, NO SFI, oil pan, valve cover, pulley builder’s option.
M. No air box to carburetor or air cleaner.

A. All drive train is to remain stock. Rear end may be welded or locked.
B. Transmission/STOCK, Automatic transmission and converter. No shift kits, etc.
C. Drive line must remain stock as per manufacturer.
D. One drive shaft loop mandatory. Two preferred. Drive shaft must be painted white with car number on it.
E. Stock unmodified Standard with all gears in working order, no 5 speeds, OEM stock for manufacturer. May use L-88 Z28 flywheel, minimum weight 14 lbs., all other makes 14 lbs. Stock clutch and pressure plate only, no solid center disc clutch’s, stock means Auto Zone, Discount off shelf parts. All pedals, Z bars and linkage is to be stock. L-88 flywheel OK 14 lbs. min with Stock clutch and pressure plate.
F. Engine is to remain in stock location and on stock engine mounts for that chassis used. Frame cannot ne notched anywhere, all body mounts are to remain.

Regular pump fuel or Track fuel only, Max octane 100, may use lead additives. No E-85, or avgas. No trick additives, no alcohol, no fuel cooling devices allowed.