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Bristol Family Charity Race Weekend

Gates Open: Sat 5 p.m. / Sunday noon

Start Time: Sat 7 p.m. / Sunday 2:30 p.m.

Event Information:

Saturday & Sunday Jan 11th & 12th 

Bristol Family Charity Race Weekend 

Two days of racing to benefit C.A.R.S. Racin’ for a Dream Inc.

Helping children & their families who are facing serious illnesses

Saturday Night – Qualifying Pro-Trucks, Modified Mini 40, Pure Stock 40

DAARA Antiques, Legends 20 Laps, Scrambler / 4 Cyl Open 30

Sunday – Pro-Trucks 114 Laps, Legends 25, Bombers 40 !

On track Autograph session 1 p.m.



Ticket Prices:

Adult: $15

Seniors 55+: $13


6-12: Kids 5-12 $5

Street-stock Rules

2019 Street Stock
If these rules do not say you can do it then don’t do it! All interpretations by the Tech man are final.

1. Any 1965 or newer American made car, minimum factory wheel base of 104 inch no trucks, wagons, convertibles or front wheel drive.
1. Minimum weight 3000 pounds and 55% left side maximum for complete stock body.
2. Lead only must be in minimum 5lb. pieces and painted white with car number on them. No Tungsten or exotic metals allowed.
1. Stock appearing body (GM on GM, Ford on Ford ETC.) All aftermarket or slab bodies must add 50 pounds and meet these guidelines roof height 46” minimum, 36 ½ maximum quarter height, 48” front overhang and 47” rear overhang.
2. Must have 8” filler from deck lid down towards bumper from side to side. No holes, louvers or any type wind veins allowed.
3. You must retain the stock firewalls front and stock floor pan or add 50 pounds.
4. Bumpers will be made minimum of 1 1/2″ round steel tubing.
5. ANY Aftermarket roof must add 50 pounds.
1. 5” x width of car or centered clear 6 x 60 inch non-adjustable with no forward bracing, rutters or side pods.
Chassis and Suspension:
1. Must remain stock for year and make of car no cutting down chassis 112-inch frame car to smaller size frame.
2. May run under slung rear, frames may be tied together.
3. Stock frame rails must remain. All cars must have 4-inch ride height at frame minimum.
4. All suspension must remain in stock location but may run tubular upper control arms on front suspension. No slotted cross shafts allowed. Aftermarket center-link will be allowed. May use heim end on outer tie rods.
5. May brace front bumper and radiator in front of A frames and may brace in rear behind rear end to back bumper. Bars must pass through front and rear firewalls.
1.Steel non-adjustable shocks only. Shock Claim Rule $125.00 per shock and refusal to sell will be a $500.00 Fine and lose of points and purse.
2.No re-buildable or Schrader valve shocks allowed. No Bump Stops allowed.
1. Springs must be stock diameter for frame (5” Metric & 5 ½” Camaro). Rear springs must be mounted on the front of the rear-end. Same height springs front, rear right to left. No coil binding allowed. One spring rubber per corner.
2. Racing springs and wedge bolts allowed. No Chrysler leaf’s, no mono leafs. Nonadjustable lowering blocks allowed.
Crate Motors:
1. 602 CRATE MOTORS with Unaltered Holly 650 HP 4150-80541 four-barrel with 1” aluminum spacer.
Built Engine:
1. Must be same manufacturer as car.
2. Maximum cubic inch: GM 355 CI, Ford 351 CI, Mopar 360 CI with maximum .060 over – bore.
3. Engine set-back #1 spark plug cannot be behind top of ballpoint. May notch frame for fuel pump clearance only.
4. Stock crank or stock replacement minimum weight 48 pounds no knife edging.
5. No grinding, polishing, or milling of anything not mentioned. Milling is for clean up only.
1. Stock Rods, may change rod bolts
2. Grinding on rods for balancing is allowed, grinding should only take place on top or bottom of rod only.
3. No polishing Rod beams, Grinding of cranks, for balancing purposes only. No polishing of Throws on crankshaft.
1. May use a World Product, Vortec or similar stock replacement heads (BUT NO HIGH-PERFORMANCE PARTS.)
2. GM, 350 small block stock 64cc min, Ford cylinder head 64cc minimum, Dodge cylinder head 64cc minimum
3. Aftermarket valve springs, stock diameter. May use screw in studs & guide plate. 3 angle valve ok 1.94 intake 1.5 exhaust.
4. Milling of heads for clean-up allowed but no angle milling.

1. Must be stock OEM only unless noted below. No bowties, marine or Performance RPM intakes.
2. Stock or aluminum ELDEBROCK PERFORMER part number as follows only.
3. Chevy # 2101, Vortec 2116. May use 7101 with 25 lbs. added to total weight.
4. Ford 302 Eng # 2121, 351 W. Eng # 2181, 351 C Eng 2665.
5. No painting, polishing or grinding.
1. Hydraulic lift cams only.
A. GM maximum .450 with 1.5 roller rockers.
B. Ford maximum .480 with 1.6 roller rockers.
C. Mopar maximum .480 with 1.6 rockers.
1. Stock OEM cast flat top or dish replacement pistons. No short skirt racing pistons or light weights.
2. Replacement 4 eyebrow forged is allowed with standard weight and floating pins.
1. Must run Holley 4412.
2. Changing of jets and removal of choke butterflies and shaft optional.
3. No carburetor spacers allowed. Any adapter may be used for 4412. (Maximum adapter size 1.625 inch including gasket.)
Oil pan and pump:
1. Stock or racing oil pan allowed.
2. High volume oil pump allowed.
1. OEM. Automatic transmission with all gears in. 350 turbo only with OEM operational converter (stock), no small converters.
2. OEM standard transmission 3 or 4 speed with all working gears.
3. Flywheel 13lbs. Minimum.
4. Pressure plate & clutch stock, no high-performance parts. Solid Discs O.K.
Rear End:
1. May be locked. No aluminum. Rear disc brakes allowed.
2. Locked rear end and mini spools permitted or welded. NO limitless slip or lockers.
3. Steel drive shaft only, must be painted white and have car number on it. Must have front drive shaft loops.
4. May use Ford 9-inch rear with floating axles.
Exhaust Manifold:
1. Any stock manifolds or down and under headers. No 180 headers allowed. Exhaust must exit passed driver.
1. Stock OEM distributor, HEI optional.
2. System and battery 12-volt Maximum
1. No fuel additives. No nitrous oxide approved racing fuel or pump gas only, Sunoco Spec Fuel.
2. Maximum of 22-gallon fuel cell in steel can mandatory.
1. Maximum 8-inch-wide steel 15” wheel only with minimum 7/16 studs with 1-inch lug nuts. Any offset.
Tires and Brakes:
1. Approved track tires. No soaking or altering of tire in any manor allowed. Drivers soaking or altering tires will forfeit all purse and points for the event and all track points for the year. Driver must also pay a $1,000 fine prior to being allowed to compete at Speedway. Any illegal tire, in the judgment of Speedway Officials, will be confiscated.
2. All 4 brakes in working order at ALL TIMES.
3. Stock pedals MUST be in stock location with passenger car master cylinder only.
4. Stock brakes with stock prop value only. No brake bias of any kind.

The track reserves the right to add weight at its discretion for the fairness of competition. If these rules do not say you can do it then don’t do.
*Citrus cars allowed, run your track rules, our tire.
*Showtime Street-stocks can run with 150 lb weight break, our tire.