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Real Country 102.1 The Outlaw presents Gobbler Twin 50’s

Gates Open: 5 pm

Start Time: 7 p.m.

Event Information:

NOVEMBER 27th 2021





Come out & Enjoy It with us ! 



Ticket Prices:

Adult: $15

Seniors 55+: $13

Child: 5-12 $5

Family 4 Pack $32

2 Adults, 2 Kids ages 5-12

Pit Passes: $35

2021 Speedway General Rules

2021 General Rules
Rex Guy
Track: 863-551-1131
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 686
Auburndale, Fl. 33823

These rules supersede any previous rules that have been issued by Auburndale Speedway. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact the Speedway Office. Do not assume any items not spelled out in the rules are legal or acceptable. Call 863-287-4344 during regular business hours for information.
The possession, consumption or distribution of ANY ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE or controlled substance, at any time while in the restricted area, is strictly prohibited. This is your first, last and only warning concerning alcohol or controlled substances of any kind. Anyone caught in possession of, or under the influence of any such substance will be escorted out immediately. Fines and suspension will result. (Subject to Prosecution)
Everyone must be aware that posting in social media is like speaking into a live microphone.
Media outlets, potential new sponsors and fans can and quite often do pick up on social media comments. Be aware all teams and speedways depend on their sponsors to race weekly. Therefore we request all competitors and their teams respect the value of ours and your fan base and sponsors. By the time an offensive post or tweet shows up, it is too late to stop the spiraling effect for the Competitor and or the Speedway. You may feel that you cannot control the comments made in support of your initial comments, but that is not the case.  Negative social media in any form posted about the above Speedway, Speedway officials and/or Competitors and their Crews will not be tolerated. Depending on the severity of the incident, fines or suspensions may be assessed. We request you to partner with us by speaking with your entire team of this newly adopted policy.”
*****It is HOWEVER all of our goals to personally address any issues or concerns you, your team or your sponsors may have in a professional and respectful manner for resolution. Please note we as Racetrack Owners/Promoters have a newly created a FB Group to discuss, communicate and address any and all negative social media posts. Again we ask you and your team to partner with us to preserve, protect and promote short track asphalt racing in Florida. We thank you in advance for this consideration, and look forward to seeing you at the races.
The General Rules Section applies to each and every driver, mechanic and/or Pit Personnel. Some items, obviously, do not apply to each class – you can easily determine which rules do not apply to you. You are expected to know the rules – ignorance will not be tolerated as an excuse.
Every driver must inspect the racing surface and race track area to learn of any defects, obstructions, or anything which, in the driver’s opinion, is unsafe and shall report that condition, in writing, to a track official. Any driver entering any racing event is considered to have inspected the track and found all conditions to be satisfactory…If not, THE DRIVER SHOULD NOT RACE. The participant further indicated that they are aware that auto racing involves risks and assumes these risks with full awareness and knowledge.
The rules and/or regulations set forth; herein, are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the conditions of all AUBURNDALE SPEEDWAY events, and by participating in these events, all participants, guest, race members, and staff is deemed to have complied with these rules and/or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others. The Track Officials shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in their opinion do not alter the minimum acceptance requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation from these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final. New Auburndale Speedway officials reserve the right to review or change any rule within this rule book at any time.
Drivers are responsible for the conduct of themselves, their crews, associates, and families. DON’T LET SOMEONE GET YOU DISQUALIFIED.
The drivers or car owner will be the only spokesman recognized by A.S. officials.
PLEASE NOTE: The Auburndale Speedway Rule Book is not the only authority governing the actions and activities of those individuals who pass through the gates at this facility. We remind everyone that the speedway is located within the boundaries of Polk County and the State of Florida and therefore are within the jurisdiction of all law enforcement agencies operating and having authority within this area. Thus, all laws and statues applicable to this area are enforceable at the speedway and all violators will be dealt with accordingly by the various law enforcement agencies.
Driver Safety Rules
1. You must have proper rated 2010 or newer Snell approved helmet.
2. A type of head and neck restraint is mandatory.
3. Complete SFI/FIA fire-suit, gloves, and shoes are mandatory in good condition.
4. SFI/FIA driver’s window net must have quick release, with latch at top left.
5. Commercially made aluminum racing seats with rubber pads mandatory.
6. SFI/FIA safety Harness 5-point minimum must be no older than SFI label permits and be in good shape.
7. Proper resilient padding for roll bar use must be installed on roll cage around driver.
8. Steering Wheel must be padded.
9. Fully Charged fire extinguisher mandatory. On Board fire system is highly recommended.
Protests & Claims – Must be submitted and handled by drivers only – 5-7-21
1. You must be in top 10 and on lead lap to protest and be filed within 10 minutes of checker flag and must be specific.
2. Must be made in writing specifying the rule(s) considered to have been violated.
3. All protest fees must be paid in cash. P&G, Carburetor inspection $75, Whistler check $250 Track retains $50, Cam Doctor check $250 Track retains $100, Top end tear down $1000, Track retains $150. Scope check of the crank area $150 Track retains $50. Complete Motor Tear down $1,200, Track retains $300.

3A. No chemical treating of tires protest as follows: Current tire price of division question plus $185.00 which will cover lab testing cost and shipping. Any changes in amount are the responsibility of the protesting party.
4. Only the protested vehicle owner or driver plus two crew members, the protesting driver or owner who competed in the race, 1 crew member and Track officials in the tech area for the protest tech. Procedure or the specific rule they are protesting.
5. Visual protests are to be honored any time before the race and does not have to be in written form, but need to be brought to tech official. The infraction must be either corrected or tech may use a weight penalty for that race if not able to fix that day. Amount of weight is at the Tech Official’s discretion.
6. Excessive or spite protesting will not be tolerated and can result in disqualification, loss of points and possible disqualification.
7. Do not remove or alter any casting or part numbers.
8. Tech reserves the right to check any vehicle in the field at any time, in any finishing order if he chooses to. They must conform to rules, or face disqualification. Protest or tech tear down refusal: (includes engine, drive train etc.)
9. Any vehicle owner/driver refusing any protest or tear down for any reason will lose all money, points, awards, trophies earned for that race date.
10. The next race that vehicle will be inspected after race regardless of where it finishes.

11. Any team disqualified during a protest will lose points and any money for that event and start in the rear of the next two races and must prove themselves legal on that same infraction.
The Speedway Management and officials will establish the length, frequency and administration of all events and programs and when their decision is rendered, that decision is FINAL AND BINDING. Exceptions to the rules and specifications may be made on a temporary basis at the discretion of the Race Director.
The Management and officials will determine all finishing positions and their decision is final! Any complaints, disputes, questions or problems must be directed to the officials immediately following the event.
It is the duty of all drives, car owners and mechanics to bring to the attention of the officials any unsafe equipment of practices or any rule infraction of any car or driver.
Continuous developments in racing may necessitate changes the AUBURNDALE SPEEDWAY cannot anticipate at the time the rules are formulated. Hence, we may, if necessary, update, modify, and add to or delete rules.
Any dispute, controversy or claim whether or not relating to this rulebook or alleged breach of the same, shall be settled in accordance with the existing and/ or amended rules and regulations, and competitor agrees to accept the decisions rendered by such process. By competing in an event, the competitor expressly agrees that determinations by track officials as to the applicability and interpretation of these rules are non-litigable, and they agree that they will not initiate or maintain litigation of any kind against Auburndale Speedway or anyone acting on its behalf. If a competitor initiates or maintains litigation in violation of this covenant, that person agrees to reimburse Five Flags Speedway for the costs of such litigation, including all reasonable attorneys’ fees. That competitor will also be indefinitely suspended from competition during the entire time of such litigation.
AUBURNDALE SPEEDWAY is personal property. Any person on this property, without the permission of AUBURNDALE SPEEDWAY owners or management, is guilty of trespassing and subject to penalties prescribed by law. Through your registration, you have been given the authority and right to be on this property in conjunction with racing activities.
However, the Administration of AUBURNDALE SPEEDWAY reserves the right to revoke and cancel this authority at any time that it is felt that your presence or conduct is not in the best interest of the sport of auto racing, your fellow competitors, the fans, management and employees of AUBURNDALE SPEEDWAY.
The only people allowed on the race track and infield is racing officials. Everyone must stay away at all times unless requested to assist for some special reason. Drivers may seek a place of safety in the infield following disablement…when crashed, STAY IN YOUR CAR. DO NOT get out and examine the damage to your car. Remember this: Do not examine your car while the cars are racing on the track!! Pit crews, owners, and personnel related to any car are not allowed on the track following an accident or injury.
Do not enter the racing surface without express authorization. An official will OK your entry at the track entrance and signal for you to proceed. This includes any competitor returning to the speedway from the pits during a caution period.
The track may be used for practice, weather permitting, on Thursday Night. There is a nominal charge for all persons entering the Pit Area. The track may be rented at other times by contacting the Speedway Management, BUT NOT ON RACE DAY!
Any competing vehicle whose speed has been reduced to a point where it causes a safety problem or endangers the track activity will be removed from the racing surface.
Our racing program is based on the availability of enough vehicles qualified. If this number is not available, alternate scheduling or programming will be used.
No driver may get out of his/her car on the track to argue or discuss the race with the starter or officials. No driver may get out of his/her car on the track to work on their car. If this rule is violated, the driver may be disqualified for the event or suspended according to the decision of the Race Director.
Any event is completed when over one half of the scheduled laps have been run by the leader or terminated by the officials for safety reason.
No non-authorized person will be allowed to pass the yellow line on Pit ramp.



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