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Sunoco Race Fuels Super Late Model Twin 50’s

October 23, 2021

Gates Open: 5 pm

Start Time: 7 p.m.

Event Information:

97.5 WPCV Presents The SUNOCO Race Fuels Super Late Model Twin 50’s

  • Speedway Auto Sales LEGENDS YOUNG GUNS      30 LAPS
  • Speedway Auto Sales LEGEND MASTERS    30 LAPS
  • Sunoco Race Fuels SUPER LATE MODELS   50 LAPS (Race 1)
  • Francisco’s Collision Center MOD MINI       30 LAPS
  • Francisco’s Collision Center PURE STOCK   30 LAPS
  • SUNOCO Race Fuels SUPER LATE MODEL   50 LAPS (Race 2)

Come out & Enjoy It with us ! 



Ticket Prices:

Adult: $15

Seniors 55+: $13

Child: 5-12 $5

Family 4 Pack $32

2 Adults, 2 Kids ages 5-12

Pit Passes: $35

2021 Scrambler Rules

2021 SCRAMBLER Rules

Each car must have a Hayes, Motors or Chilton’s repair manual with them at all times in tech.
Any 4-cyl car or truck allowed. VIN # must be attached to car and data link connector must be available. Vtech & Ecotec allowed – Vtech solenoid must be disconnected. Nissan must disconnect the variable timing wire.                                                                            Engine must be for year/model. No rotary motors. If changing from auto to manual transmission all components for transmission must be swapped also. No Turbo or HP Vehicles or engines. Compression ratio for engine manual + .2% for carbon / rebuild.
All parts must remain strictly stock, In-takes, carburetors, exhaust manifolds, distributors, and every item on your car.
NEW Weights – Cars under 1.9 1900 lbs 54% left side , Cars 2.0-2.3 2275 lbs 54% left side, Vtech/Ecotech 2350 lbs / 52% left side 2.4-2.5 2350 lbs. Neons 53% left side weight. Cars cannot be less than 6” on all four corners.
Ok to lock rearend or front end. If locked add 50lbs at right rear of car.
Cars must remain year/model on components associated with that manufacturer. Engine CC must be displayed on the hood. No lead may mounted in front of driver.
Access hole must be installed to view clutch area and back of flywheel.
All side and rear glass must be removed.
Remove all burnable items that unbolts, no cutting.
Must use a Racing Seat and belts can be no older than 3 years.
Driver’s side window net is mandatory.
DOORS / Exterior
Doors must be securely closed and welded shut. May reskin doors and quarters for appearance.
Must be stock in rating, coil size diameter, height as per manufacture specs and un-altered as determined by the tech official. NO bump stops.
4 point cage – 1 ¾ tubing w/095 wall thickness, door bars must extend all the way to drivers door. Can plate door bars.
May install front support bars for safety, must turndown 6 inches past motor mount area with two connecting points.
May install rear bars down to rear struts and to rear sub frame with two connecting points. No gutting except for door bars.
Doors must be welded shut. Bars may support strut towers.
Stock or track approved pipe bumpers with turn ends allowed.
Track approved tires and wheel size 13” x 7” steel racing wheels .No pop-off or air bleeders.
Camber will be checked with level 1&1/2” max on camber at any wheel without driver. For DOT tires 13 or 14″ factory stock wheels, all the same off set with max or 31/2″ back spacing. Tires DOT options with a tread wear rating of 200 or higher only !                                                                                             COOLANT:
Fuel cell is optional but highly recommended and Fuel cell/tank and battery must have extra secure straps.
Regular pump fuel only, No racing gas, E-85 or avgas allowed. No additives or cooling devices allowed.
Fire extinguisher with gauge mandatory and Fire suit, gloves and helmet with neck collar mandatory. Shoes are recommended.
See General Rules
Computer: Stock Computer to match year, make and model of car.
Computer claiming rules: $150 must finish on the lead lap and bring cash to tech shed within the allowed time (15 minutes) of the end of the race. Computer will be removed from protested car. Tech will have computer tested. If found illegal the track keeps computer and protester will get his/her money back. If the computer tested is found to be legal, the person claiming the computer will keep said computer and protested party will get money less any money that it may take to test. Refusing a claim you will lose points for the night and 25 point deduction and start 2 weeks in the rear. 2nd offense 2 week suspension and start in the rear for 3 weeks. 3rd offense loss of points for the night and suspension will be for the rest of the season.