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Bristol Family Charity Race Weekend

Gates Open: Sat 5 p.m. / Sunday noon

Start Time: Sat 7 p.m. / Sunday 2:30 p.m.

Event Information:

Saturday & Sunday Jan 11th & 12th 

Bristol Family Charity Race Weekend 

Two days of racing to benefit C.A.R.S. Racin’ for a Dream Inc.

Helping children & their families who are facing serious illnesses

Saturday Night – Qualifying Pro-Trucks, Modified Mini 40, Pure Stock 40

DAARA Antiques, Legends 20 Laps, Scrambler / 4 Cyl Open 30

Sunday – Pro-Trucks 114 Laps, Legends 25, Bombers 40 !

On track Autograph session 1 p.m.



Ticket Prices:

Adult: $15

Seniors 55+: $13


6-12: Kids 5-12 $5

Mini-stock Rules


All cars will be eligible from 1970 or newer, NO turbo or convertibles are allowed.
Minimum weight all cars 2000 lbs. No cars over 2500 lbs will be allowed to compete in the event (for safety reasons).
2300 CC Fords 2280 lbs and Dodge 2.2 stock 2200 lbs. No 2.5 CC. Fuel injection cars with maximum 2.3 engine allowed at 2200 lbs (weight may be adjusted) and must have stock computer for car/transmission choice with all other rules apply and no changing to carburetor.
60% maximum front, 55% maximum left side weight. All lead must be attached with (2) ½” bolts and painted white with car number on it. If your car loses lead at anytime you are disqualified for the night.
1. Whatever came in the car you should be racing it. STOCK
2. Single overhead cam. Any hydraulic cam and advancing cam with gear or key way allowed.
3. No High performance parts / No rotary or turbo parts. OEM stock rods only, may use floating pin.
4. Maximum 0.060 overbore. Blocks may be decked to 0 deck height. Any 3 ring flat top piston with stock pin location allowed.
5. 782 head casting allowed. Any head may be surfaced up to 200. No more than 75 degree on final cut of valve pocket with no bowl cutting.
6. No air boxes on air cleaner. Duct tape or one piece of metal inside of breather is allowed.
7. Racing radiators are allowed but must be mounted in front of engine.
8. Stock core support may be removed and replaced with 1” square tubing.
9. Hydraulic lifters only unless solid lifters came standard equipment for that model/year, Shimming lifters allowed.
No Hi-performance lifters
10. Flywheel must weigh 15 lbs.
1-2 barrel stock Holley 4412 – 500 CFM or stock Holley 7448-350 CFM with 1 5/8” maximum carburetor adapter. No gasket matching or porting of any kind on intake manifold. Carburetor bowl must face front of car.
Stock OEM, all working gears, must have 4 forward and 1 reverse gear. Transmission may be welded.
Exhaust must extend past drivers compartment 2”. Stock cast iron manifolds with no grinding of any kind.
Battery can be located behind driver on floor in a covered battery box and strapped down.
Open stock rear end or front end drive axle. May weld spider in front wheel drive or rear wheel drive. Vented rotors are allowed.
Must have stock OEM 4 wheel working brakes and must work at all times.
No changing the shocks or sway bars but springs are optional. NO bump stops or coil over’s allowed.
May cut springs a maximum of 2” side to side. No spring rubbers or adjustable spacers allowed on front and rear.
May add spring buckets to top of rear spring to secure, but must be on the same angle as frame rail. Spring buckets may be used on the front but will be used in the measurement for height difference.
Maximum left front camber 1” and right front camber is 1 ½”maximum, Rear camber 1” maximum with No tolerance.
4” minimum ground clearance at any point (see general rules), side skirts OK, may tack weld springs.
13” Maximum 8” steel safety wheels only with 1” lug nuts and 2” maximum offset side to side. No bleeders or pop off valves.
Track approved tires. No soaking or altering of tire in any manor allowed. Drivers soaking or altering tires will forfeit all purse and points for the event and all track points for the year. Driver must also pay a $1,000 fine prior to being allowed to compete at Speedway. Any illegal tire, in the judgment of Speedway Officials, will be confiscated.
4 point minimum roll cages and aluminum racing seats with 5 point harness are mandatory.
You are allowed to gut the driver’s door for four door bars, passenger and hood only.
Fuel cell 16 gallon maximum mandatory and must be mounted in trunk floor with a minimum of 9” ground clearance. Regular pump type or racing gas only, Track approved. Manual fuel pump or Electric fuel pumps with oil pressure switch.
May be sheet metal or aluminum and fiberglass hood allowed, must keep stock roof and windshield post and sail panels.
Remove all glass with an exception to the windshield. The windshield may be replaced only with lexan. All interior must be removed. Anything that may burn must be removed. Cover all holes with metal. Stock firewall and floor pan to rear kick up, and rocker panels may not be removed. Width must extend to the outside of the frame of sub frames. Steel only. Rear fender wells must remain and Rear panels must be closed in. Frame rail and car must be stock length.
Maximum rear spoiler 6” x 60” single plane to remain within stock body dimensions.
Stock appearing bumper covers or see approved pipe bumper diagram.